4 Reasons Why Buying An Apartment At Mantri Royale Is A Great Option!
28.05.2014 13:54

This article is about the benefits of purchasing an apartment at Mantri Royale, a project by one of the biggest real estate agencies in the country, Mantri Royale. There are 4 reasons why a flat in Mantri Royale is worth buying.
If you are living in the IT capital of India and are looking to purchase a home in the city then you have the beautiful Mantri Royale for your consideration. Mantri Royale developed by one of India’s premiere real estate company Mantri Realty is the building that has more than 70% open space which fulfills all your wants while buying that dream home. Here are 4 reasons why purchasing a home in Mantri Royale is the safest bet in Bengaluru.

1) Location: A major advantage of residing in Mantri Royale is its location. Situated off the Kanakpura Road and the NICE Express Highway in Bengaluru, closely located to the Kumaran International School and Holiday Village along the Bannerghatta Road through the NICE corridor, this building is perfect for families. Prime business offices are located within minutes of commute making life far more convenient and giving you the opportunity to save time and spend it with your family or learn a new skill!

2) Outdoor facilities: Gorgeous features like a gorgeously landscaped garden which covers at least one-third of the entire complex, swimming pool with a separate toddler’s pool and a play area for all the lovely children  in Mantri Royale so that they are not perpetually within the four walls of their homes and schools ansd can actually enjoy playing outside, amidst nature. The adults, of course, are not left out. For them, there is an exclusive club house and a golf putting strip. For the health conscious ones there is a jogging track apart from the health club with state of the art, top-notch and modern facilities.  The space for car parking is ample and the atmosphere is such that the residents and their guests or whoever has entered Mantri Royale’s premises will feel like they have stepped into another world. Basically Mantri Royale has all the facilities one would seek to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life

3) Indoor facilities: Not only outdoor but the indoor facilities provided by Mantri Royale are also noteworthy, striving to provide maximum comfort for its residents. Indoor games like basketball and table tennis and a well equipped health club which also includes sauna and Jacuzzi are just a few things that are provided by Mantri Realty in their building Mantri Royale.

4) Spacious: Mantri Royale is made in a complex built by Mantri Realty which has more than 70% open space. Each apartment consists of 2 or 3 bedrooms, a spacious hall, a kitchen and 2-3 bathrooms, depending on the number of rooms the apartment has. With ample car parking space and various outdoor and indoor facilities, Mantri Royalty has abundance of space. A little like stepping into another world, away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Purchasing a home in Mantri Royale is one of the best investments one can make. The surroundings, the amenities and all the ultra modern facilities are unheard of at such an affordable price. An ideal blend of perfect dreams and prudent reality, Mantri Royale is the balance we need. The building creates a world where its residents can unwind and breathe easy. In an amazing city like Bengaluru, Mantri Royale is the place one can live royally.
I am a dentist by profession who likes to write extensively on real estate and sports.


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